Apply to be a Vendor

We are gearing up for the start of a new season at the Occidental Community Farmers’ market!

Attached below are our updated Vendor Rules & Agreements, 2020 Application, and 2020 Tent Policy. Please read through as there have been a few changes to the vendor policy and application needs. Some big changes to hi-light:

New Earlier Start Date: We will launch the market this year on Friday May 15th, 4pm – dusk and plan to end Friday October 9th, for a total of 22 markets vs 21 last year. 
Updated Cancellation Policy : In order for us to be able to back-fill spots in the event of cancellations, we are enforcing a 48 hour notification policy for crafters and farmers, and a 72 hour policy for processed foods (this is to ensure we can give a replacement vendor enough time to shop and prep should they fill your spot).
Market availability on the application form : Please note on the application form that we have added a section for you to put your availability for the season to the best of your knowledge. Upfront communication on availability will be factored in to determining our vendor mix this year, as we spent way too many hours last year arranging the market mix from week to week. If you have a preference to alternate weeks with another vendor or only show monthly (this relates mostly to crafters), please make a note of that on your application.
* Whether you are a new or seasoned vendor, please submit your applications via mail or scanned and emailed no later than April 1, 2020. We will then confirm all vendors by April 15th. If you have any vendor recommendations, please feel free to forward this email along.